These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) define the relationship between the FLORES Software s.r.o. company, residing in Jeremiášova 1422/7b, IN 27076237, records available in section C of the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court in Prague, file no. 94474 as a seller and between buyer of goods via seller‘s web store.

The “buyer” in these Terms is, in short, either the consumer, ie. natural person who does not act on behalf of their company or as part of their job, or an enterpreneur purchasing goods for their company. Any conditions concerning the consumer will specifically use the term “consumer”.


Billing address = company headquarters
FLORES Software s.r.o.
Jeremiášova 1422/7b
155 00 Praha 13
IN: 27076237
TIN: CZ27076237
Records available in section C of the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court in Prague, file no. 94474

The following email address is also meant for sending invoices, complaints and warranty claims concerning goods purchased in the web store, the contact information for which is +420 222 533 060, e-mail: info@floresps.cz.


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The buyer selects goods they want to purchase on the seller’s website and sends out an order. Please take into account that the information given on the website is of purely informative character and is not a binding offer, a shortage of goods or an incapability to deliver goods or services are possible outcomes and the buyer is not obliged to conclude a purchase agreement with the seller in such situations. By sending out the order, the buyer confirms that they know and accept the Terms and Refund Policy. The instructions on how to order are given here.

When purchasing goods from the website, the placed order serves as a proposition to conclude a purchase agreement. The delivery is automatically confirmed to the buyer via message. The purchase agreement is concluded when the order shipped by the seller is delivered to the address provided by the buyer. The agreement is usually in Czech and its electronic form is archived by the seller after concluding the purchase.

The seller will send the agreement to the buyer in a form that allows the buyer to print and/or archive it. When concluding an agreement, the buyer only pays for communication services by which they contact the seller, the pricing of which is decided by their service provider. When the buyer purchases goods from the store, the buyer pays for transporting themselves to the store and back. When goods are delivered to the buyer via post, courier or delivery service, the buyer pays for the delivery expenses. The responsibility for damaged goods is placed onto the buyer upon accepting the delivery

Personal information given by the buyer when placing an order is collected, processed and stored in accordance to the laws of the Czech Republic, mainly regulation no. 101/2000 Sb., on the protection of personal information. The buyer is obligated to provide true and correct information about themselves. If the buyer wants the seller to keep their personal information for future purchases or sales, they can do so by filling in a form here.


The following methods can be used to order goods:

  • On the website https://terminalfsw.eu/
  • By emailing one of the addresses listed on the website https://terminalfsw.eu/


The buyer is informed of the prices of goods via a price list, which also lists all relevant fees. The recycling fee is already accounted for in the price of the product. The price also includes VAT for all types of available goods. When purchasing goods from the web store, the buyer is also charged for the transport of goods.

In the web store, the price of the product and other relevant expenses are listed on the same page as the displayed product. Discounts and sales on the web store are valid only on purchases done via the web store.

Methods of payment in the web store:

  • Bank transfer – account no. [ČSOB 244934010/0300], with the variable symbol being the order number. The goods are sent to the buyer after the payment is received by the seller.
  • By Visa or Master Card credit card – only with cards that allow internet payment or via a virtual pay gate.
  • By PayPal payment tool.

The buyer sends the price in the order, then the seller confirms it. If the goods are not available at the time, the seller confirms the price and date of delivery. The price can in the meantime be changed by the seller due to market fluctuations or changes in exchange rates. The seller will inform the buyer of it, and if the buyer changes their mind during this time, the agreement will not be concluded.

Informative obligation of the seller.

According to regulation no. 112/2016 Sb., on sales registration, the seller is obligated to provide the buyer with a bill. The seller must also register every sale into an online database; in case of a power outage, they have 48 hours to do so.


Withdrawal by a consumer when ordering goods by communicating with the seller at long distances

The consumer can withdraw from the agreement up to 14 days after obtaining the goods. The written confirmation of withdrawal must be delivered to the consumer on the 14th day after delivery. The information for withdrawal is available in section 2 of the Terms.

The consumer is obligated to return undamaged goods including all documentation provided with it, and original packaging. If the goods are returned damaged or incomplete, the seller can return a only portion of the original price, depending on the state of the goods. The seller within 3 business days from the effective date of withdrawal issue a credit note and delivers it to the consumer.

The seller returns the buyer’s money within 30 days from the effective date of withdrawal issue by sending it to the bank account, the number of which is provided by the consumer in the withdrawal; if no account number is given, the returned money is sent to the bank account which was used for paying for the goods. The consumer cannot withdraw from an agreement in case of goods modified according to the consumer's wish.

If the goods came with a benefit/gift, the consumer must also return the benefit/gift upon returning the goods.


The goods can be delivered as follows:

  • In person
  • Via a delivery service DPD or PPL – Czech Republic only; goods can be delivered to the buyer’s home or to a specified parcel pick-up point. Information about the date and time of delivery is available on the delivery service’s website.
  • Courier – by appointment; in Prague only
  • Delivery service to Slovakia – by appointment; goods are sent via DPD

The buyer can refuse to take the package from the delivery service driver if it is damaged or incomplete. If the buyer decides to take it despite damage, it is advisable to write a protocol with the delivery service driver. The buyer is obligated to check the state of the goods, whether they are damaged or any seal has been broken etc. The protocol is then scanned and sent to the seller.

It is crucial for the buyer to follow these steps, because a late refund claim can be considered a violation of the purchase agreement. The bill serves as a warranty card.


The extrajudicial mediator of seller-customer disputes is the Czech Trade Inspection. The rules set up by the Czech Trade Inspection, accordance with regulation no. 634/1992 Sb., on consumer protection, as well as a proposition form, are available on the Czech Trade inspection website www.coi.cz . Disputes can also be solved online via an extrajudicial ODR platform
https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr .


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The Terms can be amended by the seller, their new version and the effective date will be put up on the seller’s website.

These Terms are effective since 10. January 2018.
Brno 4. January 2018 
FLORES Software s.r.o. 
Jan Mošovský